Thursday, February 27, 2020

Diffusion and osmosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Diffusion and osmosis - Essay Example This research will begin with the definition of the diffusion as the molecular process by which certain particles move from a place of higher concentration to a location of lower concentration containing those same particles. The researcher states that it moves from the higher to the lower concentration because of the concentration gradient which is the difference in concentration levels between two adjacent regions. The author has rightly presented that diffusion stops when the concentrations between these two become equal or have reached equilibrium. This essay discusses that osmosis is simply a type of diffusion in which water moves from high concentration to that of the lower water concentration. The paper tells that both processes, diffusion, and osmosis, are examples of passive transport as is shown in the figure in the paper. It means that there is no energy required to facilitate these processes. The author has rightly presented that in biology, diffusion is the simplest and easiest way to move substances (molecules, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, ions, etc.) across the cells' membranes. The basic understanding underlining the case study is that it saves unnecessary expenditure of energy which is in sharp contrast to active transport, the way by which cells move certain materials against the concentration gradient, thereby requiring the use of energy (forced movement).

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