Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Write an essay in which you identify a person who has been a positive

Write an in which you identify a person who has been a positive influence in your life - Essay Example my strengths and good habits, through that she cured me to be a nice person as I don’t have a big family. My family comprises just one brother and my dad. So there is no one who knows me in person as Kristen. I first met her in my school class in the higher school and since then we are truly good friends. She helped me in my studies and in my personal life. She helped and assisted me in taking most important decision in my life. Whenever I was in problem, she was the first person to stand with me. I trust her a lot. In most cases in life I was wrong; she helped me in getting out of it, by directing me towards right option. She have always been with me in every walk of life, therefore she has a great impact on my life. She has helped me in many things, which I would have not been able to do it alone. I have a very high temper because of which mostly I put myself in trouble. She was the one who guided me to be kind and generous and I should try to be calm and happy always. I am a very polite and kind person in nature, therefore, some people did endeavor to make wrong use of my kindness, and she taught me that I should not let other people make wrong use of my care and friendship. She made me believe on my dreams and compelled me to have faith in those and struggle for it. She always encouraged me to study more and to have a profession. A friend is a person with whom we can share anything and in case of girls: best friend is the second person after mother with whom we share our secrets and relish our life to the fullest. She is a kind of person to whom every girl want to do friendship with, but her friends circle is very limited, in which I have a top priority, because she considers me her best friend. She is a very kind and helpful person. She has a short height, fair and thin hair. She is little skinny, same as me. We both friends are quite alike, which is a plus point of our friendship. She wears normal traditional Pakistani dress, but she looks very

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